PVC Tape Series

Canada CSA certification US UL510 certification electrical tape resistance can replace 3M1712

Date: 11 May, 2023

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape

(Flame Retardant Insulation Tape and Non Flame Retardant Insulation Tape)

PVC electrical tape is made from polyvinyl chlorade as backing material, and coated with rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive.
Excellent insulation, good viscosity, withstand voltage, high-tensile, burn-resistance, cold-resistance etc. It's suitable for automotive wiring, wire/cable wrapped, insulation protection, etc.

Backing material: PVC
Adhesive: Rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive
Colors: black, white, red, green, yellow, etc.

Backing Material PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Adhesive Rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive
Thickness 0.09-0.22mm
Width 12-1250mm
Length 4-50m
Color black, white, red, green, yellow / colored
Grade A / B
Peel Strength 1.6N/m
Tensile Strength 1.8Kg/10mm
Elongation 150%
Destruction Voltage 40KV/mm
Temperature -18°C ~ 105°C (170°F)



1. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Electrical Insulation Tape, for electrical insulation under 600V / wire wrapping, winding wires and cables, electrical installation, maintenance and manufacturing engineering.

2. Strong adhesive electrical tape will supply you strong and sturdy wire wrapping to avoid tape coming off to ensure electricity safety. Strong stretch-ability electrical tape will supply you tight wrapping with strong holding force to avoid electricity leakage.

3. From excellent plasticizing PVC film, coating produced by high pressure sensitive adhesive electrical tape, suitable for indoor and outdoor, has excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance, UV, waterproof, moisture, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance of conductors.

4. All weather usable professional black electrical insulation tape,waterproof and weatherproof for up to 80°C (176°F) outdoor and indoor use.

5. Durable and aging resistance with good resistance to UV, abrasion, corrosion, acid and alkali, reduce your electricity maintenance cost.

6. Electrical tape is a ideal solution for repairing spliced wires, cable insulation, wire bundling and much more.

Good quality for electrical insulation and wire harness use.
Meets CNS/JIS/UL/CSA/BS3924/VDE/SEMKO/IEC 60454-3-1, flame retardant, cold resistant, REACH/RoHS Compliance.

Canada CSA certification US UL510 certification electrical tape resistance can replace 3M1712

Why Choose Achem?

ACHEM is the first PVC tape producer in Taiwan. As the first to develop solvent acrylic BOPP tape, it is known internationally as the leading manufacturer in the world for formulating and coating of various grades of acrylic adhesives.

What certificates you have for your products?

Our Products Have BSCI, TUV, ISO14001, ISO9001, OHSAS 18001 Certificates And Some Patents, You Can Trust Our Professionalism And Product Quality.

What materials need to be provided to get an accurate quotation?

You need to provide the length, width, thickness and quantity of the product. We will provide you with the best price through the information you provide.

Can our private logo/label be printed on the packaging?

Yes, your own private logo/ label can be printed on the packaging upon your legal authorization, we support OEM service according to our clients' requirement for many years.

Can products be customized?

Yes, You can customize the products' shape, printing, material, thickness, size,etc. We have strong R&D team here to help.

How long does the production and shipment of the order take?

We will ship within 7-15 days of receiving the deposit.

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