Medium-viscosity high-viscosity blue lens processing edge grinding protective film 3M1641 1640 Achem

Date: 01 Aug, 2023

protective film,3M1641,3M1640,Achem,wonder
protective film,3M1641,3M1640,Achem,wonder
protective film,3M1641,3M1640,Achem,wonder
protective film,3M1641,3M1640,Achem,wonder
protective film,3M1641,3M1640,Achem,wonder

Material: PE (polyethylene)
Adhesive: Natural Rubber PSA
Adhesive Side: Single Sided
Width: 1020, 1250, 1520mm (customizable)
Length: 200m (customizable)
Thickness: 55um / 65um / 70um / 80um / 100um (customizable)
Tensile strength: MD≥13 N
Elongation at break: MD≥200%
180°peel force: 1.0±0.5N/2.5cm
Appearance: no crystal point, no impurity, no wrinkle; color transparent end surface smooth
High temperature and high humidity resistance: No residue, no flakes, no ghosting
Application: electrical appliances/hardware/stainless steel/glass/plastic parts/elevator surface protection

Product Features
The film is soft and sticky, acid and alkali resistant, easy to tear, no glue residue
1. It can be easily removed when tearing off the protective film. After tearing off the protective film, it is clean and tidy, with no broken film or residual glue.
2. The integrity of the surface finish is ensured in each subsequent follow-up process.
3. The excellent adhesion of the glue can ensure that the protective film is firmly attached to the surface of the substrate, and customers can use it with confidence. The product exhibits excellent flexibility and elasticity to ensure that there is no film breakage during any processing.
4. It can be used on products that require acid-base environment.
5. Resistant to outdoor aging for 3 months, and can be stored indoors for more than 6 months.

Why Choose Achem?

ACHEM is the first PVC tape producer in Taiwan. As the first to develop solvent acrylic BOPP tape, it is known internationally as the leading manufacturer in the world for formulating and coating of various grades of acrylic adhesives.

What certificates you have for your products?

Our Products Have BSCI, TUV, ISO14001, ISO9001, OHSAS 18001 Certificates And Some Patents, You Can Trust Our Professionalism And Product Quality.

What materials need to be provided to get an accurate quotation?

You need to provide the length, width, thickness and quantity of the product. We will provide you with the best price through the information you provide.

Can our private logo/label be printed on the packaging?

Yes, your own private logo/ label can be printed on the packaging upon your legal authorization, we support OEM service according to our clients' requirement for many years.

Can products be customized?

Yes, You can customize the products' shape, printing, material, thickness, size,etc. We have strong R&D team here to help.

How long does the production and shipment of the order take?

We will ship within 7-15 days of receiving the deposit.

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